Nutritour: United for Nutrition


To offer our business associates (supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers of the traditional channels) an innovative and attractive promotion to enhance the fruits and vegetables departments, as well as to inform consumers about the importance of a good nutrition and the benefits of these fruits when frequently consumed.


In order to achieve this, we created an original program the Nutritour Road Show, United for Nutrition, comprised by eight associations from USA: Northwest Cherries, California Peaches, Plums & Nectarines, California Kiwis, USA Apples, Washington Apples, California Bartlett Pears, USA Pears and California Grapes, aiming to promote their products in museums, schools, sports events, massive events, sports clubs and supermarkets, disseminating the importance of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.


The results of this project were forthcoming, it was a total success. Seven cities were included, with 106 days of promotions, reaching over 120,000 people.

The Road Show had two main features: the Nutritour race, with 2,500 participants (including 500 kids), and visits to companies intended to promote our fruits and the importance of a proper diet, in order to achieve a good nutrition.