Development of New Products with U.S. Cranberries


To disseminate the characteristics and benefits of US cranberries, especially to consumers, as well as to the business and gastronomic sectors in the Mexican market.


Since 2004, when Grupo PM started to represent the Cranberry Marketing Commitee in Mexico, we have hired an engineer specialized in food, who was previously trained for the function of visiting food processors, bakeries, and foodservice companies to bring technical information, samples and consulting for the development of products prepared with cranberries.


Since 2004 to date we have conducted over 100 launches of cranberry products manufactured in Mexico. Important companies such as Bimbo, Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Ocean Spray, Del Valle, Sabritas, Santa Clara, El Globo, and many others have launched products containing US cranberries with very successful results in the Mexican market.