We approach the market comprehensively, through communication strategies based on our knowledge on the market and expertise, in order to take the best advantage of every possibility, to create the highest possible demand for products and services.

We have a great relationship and close collaboration with the editors and staff of the communications media, who regard us as trustworthy allies. Together with our spokespersons, we have specialized in the creation of messages that enhance the editorial contents of the media, both printed and digital.
Currently we have over 350 contacts in the Mexican printed and electronic media, which allow us to make the best possible use of the potential of products and services to benefit their readers or audiences.

We explore and make the best possible use of every possibility to bring your message to any place and any target audience, segmenting and creating the best media strategy to achieve the perfect mix for your product or service.

Point of Sale

We create and develop point of sale experiences to please and draw the attention of the most demanding clients. We explore and develop actions to encourage our consumers to change habits.
We conduct all types of activities to help increase the consumption of products and services at the point of sale, approaching them in a fun, innovating, and timely fashion.
Among the main promotional activities we offer, are:
• Road Shows
• Tasting activities
• Cooking Classes
• Workshops

Mass Promotions

We create unique experiences with the product or service by means of innovative promotions and activities directed to any target audience, conceptualizing the most important message to communicate on our products or services, presenting it in a way that will create ties between our consumer and our product.
These activities include:
• Promotions with Media
• Road Shows
• Special Events
• Sports Events
• Cultural Events
• Events for Kids
• School Program
• Contests