We have the capacity to foster and strengthen the necessary business relationships that will enable our clients to introduce their products and/or services as well as to make them grow in the different markets of their interest, by means of actions and tools such as:

To gather key data from the commercial sectors, that will reveal information on the situation of a specific market. Its main goal is to have an intelligence source for our clients’ sound decision-making.

To strengthen the relationships and joint activities of the main business players and government agencies, in order to promote actions and resolve tariff and non-tariff policies that might hinder the introduction and/or growth of products to/in different markets.

Defining strategic plans, including specific goals and actions based on market analysis, in order to introduce a new product and/or service, or to increase its market share.

This service is unique in Mexico and was developed by Grupo PM, with emphasis on fresh products under a view of categories rather than products. This allows for the production of information about trends and behavior at point of sale, with the variables of socio-economic level of the area, type of self-service store chain, sales, varieties, and origins, defining the category as a business unit. This enables both the client and the retail chain to work under a joint view in order to achieve higher profits for both parties.

Our expertise and presence inside the distribution and commercialization channels enable us to create bonds with our clients in those sectors, in order to promote business opportunities through product launching events, trade missions, business meetings, marketing events, and trade shows.

An important aspect both in the markets and in the supply chain is that products arrive in consumers’ hands in good condition and preserving all their qualities. Hence, offering support and technical assistance to marketing sectors, in a sustained and precise manner, allow our clients to build positioning and leadership that will translate into loyalty in the medium term.